Edwing Roy Torrealba

Anyone who had the pleasure of meeting Edwing Roy Torrealba will remember him as dynamic, proactive, and full of energy. The choices he made in life were courageous and adventurous.

At age 19, Roy left Venezuela to study in the United States. The whole family was happy for his new opportunities, but the separation was difficult. Despite the distance, he always prioritized family. Roy always made a conscious effort to be present in both the celebratory and difficult moments. He made every effort to foster a distinct relationship with each family member, and always looked out for his mother, siblings, and their children from afar.

Roy’s family all hold a deep respect and admiration for him. Despite his sternness and
stubbornness at times, he loved to dance more than anything. The joy he felt while dancing lit up a room. Roy’s life was accompanied by much music – ballads, salsa, and merengue moved him deeply.

Despite having left so young, Roy held a deep love for his roots, for his country. He was proud to be married in Venezuela to the mother of his children, Michelle. When his girls were born, he brought Alisha and Amber to Venezuela at various times to introduce them to their heritage.
Roy held a deep love and pride for his daughters. He deeply admired Alisha’s singing voice and the love they both shared for nature. Amber was his little treasure and he equally admired her dedication and passion for extreme sports since she was a child. They made his heart overflow with joy and pride. Despite the distance and the difference in culture, Roy always wanted for his family in Venezuela to know his American daughters.

His passion for travel and experience brought Roy many places. He worked all over the United States, helping and becoming friends with many different types of people. All appreciated his quirky nature.

Roy maintained a deep friendship with and love for his ex-wife Michelle, and his previous partner, Helen. Despite their differences, both women remained a big part of his life. Michelle celebrated holidays with Roy and their daughters, and he remained close with her side of the family. Helen cared for Roy through his most difficult moments at the end of his life, making him his favorite foods and playing his favorite music. She, Roy’s close friend Eddie, and his neighbor Gloria, all loved and comforted him in his final moments.

That is what it means to be part of Roy’s beautiful family; he held appreciation for diversity, navigated the problems, the losses and pains with those he loved. He held a deep love and was actively present with those who were living, and always remembered and honored those who went before.

Roy’s loss leaves a deep void and pain, but we know he is happy and at peace with his parents, his other family members, and his late wife Luz. He will forever be loved and respected, just as he was in life. Roy will always live on in our hearts.

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